Me and My One and Only!

Me and My One and Only!
My Best Friend!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Changed from the Inside Out!!!"

Well guys I have finally been able to get everyone ALL caught up to where I am now in my life with my Goliath Experience!!!

The last few weeks have been hard because the Doctors kept taking my blood for my glucose levels! They were nervous because they weren’t extremely high but high enough to want to send me to a high risk specialist if the levels stayed that way! The only thing that was going through my head was that the last 6 months spent losing all this weight was not only to look great but to avoid becoming diabetic and putting me and my baby at risk! During this time people kept telling me it would be ok and that everyone has it! I just thought "are you serious right now"? They were doing all they could to justify having diabetes to me. I think they wanted to calm my fears and show support but honestly it wasn’t working! If anything it was making me a upset. I know everyone thought if it was genetic there isn't much that can be done but I know without a doubt that my God is bigger than diabetes. I can break that cycle of being unhealthy and get my body in line again and right where it needs to be! I wasn’t going to let the genetics factor keep me unhealthy. I was really scared about this and praying really hard and asking God to please take control of this! After my last set of blood work I got the call that my numbers were normal and I will not be sent to a high risk specialist!!! And I DON’T have Diabetes!! I was SO excited and told the lady on the phone you don’t know how happy you just made me!!

When I was originally approached by my mentor Staci Wallace she knew about all the difficulties I was having with my health and trying to get pregnant. For her the main concern was my health and the weight I was gaining through all this. She introduced me to the program she put together called the Ultimate Body Makeover. I have to say I was tried of being unhealthy and the possibility of pregnancy (or not) and the weight gain if indeed I became pregnant. I got so tired of being where I was physically and mentally. So when she was talking to me about it, I was all for it! When I began the program I really didn’t take it very serious the first 2 weeks. I really had to convince myself to do this; not just to lose the weight but to help me mentally and spiritually! I was ready for a complete change in my life!!! I knew that if I really wanted this to work I had to believe that this was not just a weight loss program for me but a life-change program, involving my mind, my body, and my spirit! I not only wanted people to see the weight loss but to notice a difference in me, inside and out!!

Going through the program was amazing. I was able to deal with some deep emotional issues!! I lost 36 pound in 90days. God did some amazing things in me and through me with this program! I not only got my body back but I was able to learn how to handle some of the emotions that I was feeling through all my circumstances!

I am still battling with my weight and have lots I still want to lose! I keep reminding myself “I am worth it and want to feel good about myself again." Having issues of conceiving truly takes its toll emotionally and physically. When you are dealing with a condition such as mine, emotions of fear, sadness, loss, broken heart , etc. just set right in. Combine that with the weight you have gained and you become self conscious and unhappy with yourself. I had to get to a place where I would trust God and be happy in my circumstances with or without a baby! It was time to get ME back! I needed to be obedient and move forward in whatever direction God chose for me! I wake up every morning and make the choice to see past my circumstance and tap into the supernatural. I talk to myself before Satan does and say “I am a child of the King!! And Made in HIS perfect Image! He Knows JUST what he is doing!! I am in the BEST hands possible!”
"Skin Deep" …ZoeGirl

Sometimes I feel lost
In a sea of insecurity
That rages inside of me
So terribly caught
And the waves of self-rejection
Make me question my ability

But there's a fire that always burns
And there's a voice inside
And all it wants is to be heard

'Cause beyond skin deep
There's so much more to see
My hopes, my dreams designed with destiny
I was fashioned with passion
A burning desire to know the One who made me more
He made me more than skin deep
'Cause I am more, I am more than skin deep
So much more

It's so hard to change
When we are captive to ourselves
Always thirsty for something else
But free or enslaved
We are sons, we are daughters
Called out by the Father's name

So take the fire and let it burn
Unleash the voice inside
'Cause everyone needs to be heard

We are more than the future
We are more than the past
We were made to bring glory
Given souls that will last
We are more than our bodies
We are more than the grave
We were bought by His blood
And from ourselves we've been saved


  1. wow very touching this whole time a thought that photo was fake because i don't ever remember you being over weight, i'm glad to hear you are doing better and about the baby once your are relaxed and stress free you will get pregnant you'll see -minerva

  2. keep up the good work..diabetes is no fun....i was taking 5 shots and 4 pills a day before i had gastric by-pass and lost 130lbs... i take nothing now and keeping my diabetes under control.

  3. Angie, this is incredible. In fact, I am so proud of you that I want to offer you a scholarship to help women like you overcome the curse of diabetes so that we can empower the next generation of leaders with "a better life" of health and wellness. It is a program we are offering through FirstFitness and

    If you are interested in continuing your journey, please send me a note at

    Love you and believe in your continued wellness!