Me and My One and Only!

Me and My One and Only!
My Best Friend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"He is an On Time God!!"

Wow!!!!! This one I am SUPER excited to write!!! On April 7th I heard the words I have been waiting to hear for 4 years!! For a few days I had some weird spotting and wasn’t sure what was up with that. I knew it was different and I have not ever experienced this. Last month they up my Clomid so I just thought the hormones were off a little, and was starting a period early. I called my doctor and they asked me to come in for blood work to rule out pregnancy, so they could do the normal procedure. I completed the blood work and when I called the next morning for the results, instead of the normal "negative" results, the voice on the other end says Well it is Positive!! Your pregnant! I kept repeating was are you sure? Really? Really? Really? WOW! Do you have the right persons information?? She just kept saying "yes really!" You are Angela Germolus right?? I said Yea that is Me!!! And if you can in envision when it really sunk in, all I could do it run out from where I was and scream to my friend in her office I am PREGNANT!!! We started to hug and scream!! And all at the same time I am still on the phone with my Doctor trying to talk to them! (hahahahaha)
One of the coolest parts about this was I didn’t even tell my husband that I was going in for blood work! So he had no idea! I talked with my friend and we decided to get him a cookie from our bakery and have them write on it “Soon to Be Daddy”. I wrapped up my pregnancy test and had him come to my work for lunch, and gave it to him in front of everyone! He was so shocked! I LOVED his reaction!
I want you all to know how overwhelmed and amazed at the support and love we have gotten since we found out our good news!! All the Facebook messages and texts and calls with prayers and such excitement and encouragement have meant SO much to us!! All of you guys have invested so much of yourself into my journey and I can not thank you enough!! God is TRULY an Amazing GOD! That has PERFECT Timing for EVERYTHING!
It has taken us 4 years to conceive again! We have stood on our faith and trusted that God knew what he was doing! He had us right where we needed to be! It was NOT an easy road and there were many many times we wanted to give up! But I truly believe that because of our faith and trust in God and ALL of you praying for us and truly standing in the gap for us has helped us so much!
All of this is still a little surreal to me and has not completely sunk in!! We are right now filled with so much excitement and nerves! We have to wait till April 28 to have our first ultrasound! And for all of you that know our story would know that 4 years ago I miscarried late in my first trimester when we went for our first ultrasound there wasn’t a heart beat detected. You can imagine our anxiousness and urgency of wanting to know our baby is ok!! We are Believing God got this and we are going to see that little heart beat and walk out of that room with HAPPY and JOYFUL Tears!! So I ask all of you to PLEASE PLEASE Stand in faith with us on April 28th!
I want to encourage all of you that have been praying for something in particular for many years! I know it is not easy and there are days where you truly sees Gods handy work in the situation, and there will be days that God is silent, and we wonder why its taking so long! You start to question if all the heartache and pain while you wait for the answer is worth it. Let me encourage you... IT IS WORTH IT! Even if that answer is not what we want, God has a plan for everything! He has perfect timing for everything. He knows WHAT we need WHEN we need it! And He also sees our future and what it holds!!! And WHAT in our Future is BEST for us! So please keep praying! He hears you and has NOT forgotten about you! He loves us more then anything and wants nothing more then to bless His children and see us smile!!!!

I have posted this music video from the movie Facing the Giants! I can relate so much to it with the pain and the joy!! And i have to say if i would have to go through it ALL over again! I wouldn't Change a Thing! God has perfect Timing for EVERYTHING. Please Watch and be Blessed!!!