Me and My One and Only!

Me and My One and Only!
My Best Friend!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blessings come from Rain Drops!!

Where in the world do I start? It has been quite an exciting 4 months!! The joy of knowing I am carrying my little miracle is always so breathtaking and amazing for me to think about! It also has taken me back to a lot of things God told me through this process. The number one thing was the dream Daniel had couple years ago that we had an egg and the Lord said we need to cover it! We believe that He meant prayer and not just by us but by ALL of you! I TRULY believe that we are finally at this point in our life of starting our little family because all of you have stood by us through all the tears and laughter and NEVER gave up on us! Thank you guys so much!

I truly believe Gods timing is perfect!!! I am so overjoyed with becoming a mommy! I look back on the 4 years of grieving and the pain we went through; every time we hit a dead end (or so we thought) I clearly remember the times I said I AM DONE! This pain is too much to handle. I don’t know if I can go on with this! WHY ME God? But my faith, my friends and family truly helped me stand through this storm! And I wouldn’t go back and change ANYTHING! It has strengthened my Faith in SO many areas! God showed us through ALL the hard times He NEVER Left us. He said Just be Still and KNOW I am God! “ FOR I KNOW THE PLAN I HAVE FOR U! Plans NOT to Harm you, but plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE!” Even though some days were harder to push through, I did and it was ALL worth it! And in a few months I will be able to hold my Special Gift that I have been waiting for!!! And that makes it all WORTH it!!

When we got to go into that doctor’s office for the first ultra sound to check for the heart beat the devil was trying to play a lot of mind games with me, reminding me of my past experience! But my mind was covered with his blood and I honestly went in there with such peace!!! When she pointed out the heartbeat on my little one it was the most amazing thing to see and the doctor said it was a very strong heart beat! And those are the words everyone wants to hear!! She gave me lots of pictures and brought so much joy to my heart!

July 9th we get to go and find out if our Special Gift will be a girl or boy. Yes, in our hearts we would like a baby girl! But honestly I don’t really care!!! It will be just as special and spoiled and loved just as much!!! As long as I have a healthy and strong baby it will be ALL good either way. I will keep all of you Posted!!

Before I close let me encourage you that whatever you are going through and no matter how long you have been going through it DON’T give up. The waiting period is a time to grow and trust and learn so much about Who Our God really is!! We have so much to learn about his faithfulness and love for us!! Stand on his word! Surround yourself with those that are positive and will be able to lift you up when you feel like you can’t lift your self up anymore! The prize at the end is SO worth it! Hang On!


  1. I am happy for you and Daniel. It is a difficult lesson for all of us to learn, but if we are patient, God answers in His time!

    Love ya girl!

  2. I am so glad things are going well for you, Daniel and Peanut:) will keep you all in my prayers..luv ya <3

  3. Congratulations again Angela and Daniel. Your words are so beautiful and encouraging and that is such a great song! I'm sure the Lord is so proud of what an amazing witness you are for him. Thank you Angela. Will continue to keep you guys in our prayers for your healthy baby! Blessings. :)