Me and My One and Only!

Me and My One and Only!
My Best Friend!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"My Special Gift!"

My Special Gift!!

Christmas is FAST approaching! Every year since I miscarried, I have dreamed of finding out I am pregnant a few days before Christmas so I can put together a sweet gift for my husband or family letting them know I am carrying this precious little baby! Well this year again I don’t have that to share~

This year I have been pondering on is that dreaded question “What would you like for Christmas”? And honestly I have everything I need!! A GREAT husband, Family and Special Friends and blessed with a Special Spiritual mom. Of course there is that one special gift we would LOVE to have. I just keep telling myself that God is holding on to that special gift for an extra special day!

A couple of weeks ago I got through my first week of clomid fertility meds and it went good! I also had ovulation testing to se if they worked. Well days went by with an empty circle. I was getting very frustrated! Ever since I miscarried I hated taking pregnancy tests because I dreaded getting that negative sign (which happened A LOT) so as the days went by with a negative result, my disappointment was increasing. It was he last day for my ovulation predictor and I just thought "I am ready to just throw this kit out my window because it isn’t even WORKING!" But of course I don’t and I wait patiently (NOT) for my results and as I go to check the results I already told myself that it was going to be an empty circle so I don’t get upset or surprised! As I check it I had to double look and I screamed FINIALLLLLLY it worked! Better late then never I guess, rite!!! I got my Smiley face!

Now is that FUN waiting game of seeing if now I will be able to either start my period naturally or get that LOVELY positive pregnancy blood test. I know my emotions during the holidays are so up and down BUT there is one thing I have ALWAYS been able to count on. God's plans are so much better than our own! He knows what is best for my family and me. Even though I have this dream of when and how I would love to share with my family and friends of our special news, I would rather it be His plan. (I tend to mess things up on my own, anyway!) With a God I can always count on, I know His timing is perfect for everything! And he knows when that perfect day will be and how it will be! Like I said before I truly believe God is saving our special gift for an extra special day! And whenever that day will be I know it will be just as perfect or even BETTER then I have ever dreamed of!

I Pray that This Christmas ALL of u will Hold dear your Family and Friends!!! And remember 2 things its not what you get it, it is who you are with!! And we are to rejoice because we are celebrating a VERY Special Birthday!!! Remember Jesus is the TRUE reason for the season!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-6 (Contemporary English Version)

Everything Has Its Time

 1Everything on earth    has its own time
   and its own season.
    2There is a time
   for birth and death,
   planting and reaping,
    3for killing and healing,
   destroying and building,
    4for crying and laughing,
   weeping and dancing,
    5for throwing stones
   and gathering stones,
   embracing and parting.
    6There is a time
   for finding and losing,
   keeping and giving,


  1. Merry Christmas Angie.. glad that you finally got the results that you were hoping for. This Christmas, I'll pray extra hard for you to get the answer that you have been waiting for. Love you!

  2. Aw that's so good as you said god has his timing for everything and as I told you before you will receive that great news when you least expect it and when that time does come I know you'll be a great mother =D best wishes

  3. Merry Christmas Angie and Daniel :) things are gonna work out for you cuz you have such strong faith in God....all things happen for a reason...keep your head up and your faith strong.. love ya girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You have an amazing faith, with a truly amazing GOD! I praise God for his timing even though sometimes I tell him its wrong... he always ends up being right. Thank you Jesus for your timing.